Pre Vacation Excitement


You did it! You just pressed the confirm button and your tickets are booked. You are going on your dream trip. It is finally real now! All those hours daydreaming of laying on the beach, sightseeing, and eating local food in a far away land are finally feeling more like reality.

As soon as that confirmation email hits your inbox your heart starts pumping like you just ran a marathon and the pre vacation excitement kicks in. But how are you going to deal with the long agonizing wait until departure?

I know the feeling. I’m looking at you Thailand, my dream vacation. 27 days, 16 hours, and 12 minutes until departure. But who’s counting? I can’t wait to cross another day off my calendar. The anticipation is killing me. So what can a girl do when the only thing she wants is for time to fly by? Make the most of it! Here are some things that I like to do before a trip that keeps the excitement rolling and makes the pre vacation phase more fun.

Hit Up Your Local Ethnic Restaurants

Going to Mexico? Head out to the closest hacienda and get some chimichurri tacos and tostadas. Puerto Rico?  Get  some Mofungo. Now you will have something to compare the more ethnic version with!

Watch Movies

I love watching movie set in the location of my next destination. Or even recently traveled to destination if I’m feeling nostalgic. Going to Thailand? Obviously, watch the Beach. I don’t know what could make you more excited. Bora Bora? Couples Retreat. You might not be able to think of a movie off the top of your head for your destination so don’t forget that Google is your friend!

YouTube Vlogs

I love watching vlogs. I love them even more than watching movies. Vlogs are informative in a way that guidebooks never could be.  There are so many great travel vloggers out there. Head on over to YouTube type in your destination and then the world vlog. I have spent way too long in the world of YouTube living vicariously through other people.

Vacation Shopping

You’re going to need to pick up a few extra things before your trip. Why not do it now instead of a few days before your trip? It will relieve a lot of stress involved with packing and planning and will give you something fun to do.

Plan Fun Unrelated Activities

I love playing tourist in my own city. There are plenty of museums, parks, and restaurants just waiting to be explored. Grab some friends and make some plans for this weekend.

Also, make plans for after your return. Book tickets to a musical, a concert, a sporting event. Have something else to look forward to. Go with some friends, it will be a great opportunity to catch up. They will be excited to hear about all of your incredible adventures. This will also help ward of the post vaca blues. A topic for another post.

Plan activities that excite you. Live in the here and now. It can be so easy to live in the future, waiting for the excitement of what the future holds for you. This is not a good road to go down, it can lead to disappointment. There are plenty of fun things you can do right now. Time flies when you are having fun, and your trip will be here before you know it.



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