How I Find Shockingly Cheap Flights


Alright, alright. I know there are a million articles on the internet on how to save money traveling. How to find the cheapest flight deals. How to fly anywhere for 1 dollar. (just kidding on the last part!). Well I had no intention of writing a “how to find cheap flight deals” post unless I thought I could provide information that you haven’t seen over and over again.

Many articles claim to have some magical website that is somehow cheaper than the rest of them. I have read dozens of these articles and I have found some tips and very useful advice. Let me share with you a combination of   the most useful tips I have come across along with my absolute favorite website. This how I always find my travel deals. cheap-flights-laptop

Kayak Explore Is My Ultimate Site is my “magic” site. I booked a non stop flight from Chicago(ORD) to Tokyo(NRT) roundtrip for only $430.00. I have never seen a blog mention this site before and it is my absolute favorite. Essentially, this site scans all of the flights leaving from your airport code over the next year and shows you the cheapest flight on a map. This site is similar to “google flights” but better.

Make sure to access the site on your laptop or desk top, it is not a mobile friendly site.

Step One: Enter your airport code under “home airport”.

Step Two: Select the month you’d like to travel. (I always select “any month”)

Step Three: Select your budget. (Keep this at $2000+ to explore all your options)

Step Four: Slide the bar to decide how long of a flight you desire. (I always slide this to 12+ hours)

Step Five: Explore the map!


Look! A flight to Paris for only $443.

I normally will checkmark the box for “nonstop” because I prefer direct flights. This will limit a huge number of destinations but I will buy a nonstop ticket, spend a few nights there and then fly to my final destination. This breaks up the length of the time spent traveling. Many times traveling to your destination will have 2 or 3 layovers! Which is not my ideal travel situation, another reason I prefer a nonstop flight. Always check the travel time vs how much extra it is to travel nonstop. In many cases its not much more expensive, and in some cases its cheaper to fly direct.

Kayak Explore has been an incredible tool for me. I use it to find the dates and airline for the location I want to go to. Once I have found out that information, I will book my flight on either kayak or another preferred website (Orbitz, Travelocity, or directly with the airline).

Finding Cheap Flights Tips

-If for some reason you skipped reading the above paragraph about Kayak Explore, please mosey back up and read it. That is the highlight and biggest tip in this post.

-You need to be flexible when determining both your destination and dates of travel. If you are looking for a specific location on a specific date, chances are you will not find cheap flights. I view traveling as a lifelong passion. I do not need to see a certain place right now. Wait until a destination is essentially “on sale.” As I mentioned before We traveled to Tokyo not because it was high on our bucket list of destinations, but because it was $430.00 RT. How could we not?

-Be consistent when looking for cheap flights, I check Kayak Explore a few times a week.

-Book your tickets far in advance or last minute. Sometimes the best deals will be 10 months from now. Sometimes they will be 10 days from now. It can be hard to plan a trip in only a few days, but I’ve done it before and it always works out. Be spontaneous.

I have been using Kayak Explore for years and have told all my friends about it. Its about time I tell the people of the internet. Have fun planning your next big adventure!




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